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Proudly Serving Cold Drinks And Cool Breezes

Our Signature Cocktails and Ice Cold Beers Are Guaranteed To Deliver Good Vibes

$25 Gift Card $25.00

Give the gift your friends and family will thank you for!  Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. * 

Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. Choose your Gift Card Value and enjoy!

*Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift cards in the mail.

$50 Gift Card $50.00

Give the gift your friends and family will thank you for!  Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. * 

Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. Choose your Gift Card Value and enjoy!

*Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift cards in the mail.

$75 Gift Card $75.00

Give the gift your friends and family will thank you for!  Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. * 

Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. Choose your Gift Card Value and enjoy!

*Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift cards in the mail.

$100 Gift Card $100.00

Give the gift your friends and family will thank you for!  Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. * 

Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. Choose your Gift Card Value and enjoy!

*Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift cards in the mail.

Pewter Stein $31.99

Hand Crafted Pewter Steins comes with instructions on seasoning your Stein.  Made in the U.S.A.

McGuires Ceramic Logo Stein $25.99

Ceramic 16 oz. stein.  This mug comes with a free membership to the famed McGuire's Mug Club. Every Wednesday bring in your new mug and receive the Mug Club discounts!

Irish Bow - Pink $16.99

Pink shirt with graphic of bow tie on back

$150 Gift Card $150.00

Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. 

Orange Stripe $21.99

One of our best selling tees.

Kodion Test $0.01

RecurringPro $50.00

McGuires BrewMaster Hat $14.99

McGuires BrewMaster Hat is a Pub Favorite. 'Brewmaster' is embroidered on back!

McGuires 77 Hat $21.99

McGuires 77 Hat Brown/Tan

Big Curve $12.99

This is a front print only. 100% Cotton

Shamrock Trucker Hat $17.99

Adjustable back!

Biker Skull Faded Hat $21.99

Biker Skull design on front of faded-style hat

Biker Skull Black Hat $21.99

Biker Skull design on front of black hat

Beer Magnet $7.99

Beer magnet and bottle opener

McGuires Magnetic Moose Pen $7.99

Kiss or Be Kissed Moose Pen

MCG Bottle Opener Magnet $5.99

Pint of Beer Bottle Opener

Claddagh Meaning Logo Ornament $16.99

This ceramic ornament is our best seller! Its beautiful with 3 sides to a traditional drop ornament shape. It's mainly green with some gold detail and even a few stones. It has the Logo on one side, the Claddagh on one side, and "The heart is love, The crown is loyalty, Two hands are friendship. Let love Loyalty and friendship reign" on the other side.

Destin Ornament $19.99

Painted by artists at "Art Studio Company". From the opening of glass, they hand paint every minute detail using miniature curved and bent-shafted brushes. This item comes with a velvet box for storing.

Soccer Ball $9.99

This colorful soccer ball is 6'' in diameter. It features all three of our great restaurants! McGuire's Irish Pub, Flounders Chowder House, and Crabs We Got 'Em. Its perfect for all children!

Pink Wake Koozie $7.99

The hot pink Irish Wake koozie is tailored to fit the mason jar that holds the famous McGuire's drink.

16oz Tervis Tumbler with Lid $17.99

This insulated tumbler is perfect for a hot or cold day! Tervis is the number one brand of insulated cups and mugs! We sell the 16oz lids too! Available in 12oz and 24oz as well.

24oz Tervis Tumbler with Straw $22.99

24 oz. Tervis Tumbler with straw.  Tervis is the number one brand of insulated tumblers.  It's perfect for hot or cold liquids! This tumbler is also available in the 12oz. and 16oz. versions.

McGuires Tervis Water Bottle $25.99

24 oz. Tervis Tumbler water bottle.  Tervis is the number one brand of insulated tumblers.  It's perfect for hot or cold liquids! 

3 in 1 Tumbler $26.99

This 3-in-1 Tumbler is perfect for days at the beach to keep your drinks ice cold! Interchangeable lids make this adaptable to Canned or Bottled Beverages! Comes with a dust bag for storage. We have Stainless Steel and White!

Silicone Claddaugh Pint Glass Silipint $12.99

Claddagh Silicone Pint Glass

Road Rise Logo Coffee Mug $3.25

This Coffee Mug has McGuires Irish pub on one side, and May the Road Rise to meet you on the other. Its a traditionally sized coffee mug. Its made of ceramic.

Irish Diplomacy Coffee Cup $8.99

This coffee cup displays, McGuire's Irish Pub on one side and the description of Irish Diplomacy - The art of telling a man to go to hell so that he looks forward to making the trip on the other.  

Shoe Stein $25.99

I'll have what the gentleman on the floor is having. This mug qualifies you as a member of McGuire's Mug Club, which includes discounts every Wednesday for members.

Black Matte Clovers 16oz Mug $10.99

Black Matte Clovers 16oz Mug

MugShot Moose $18.99

Moosechief!!! 50% Cotton/50% Polyester. Gray Color

Shadow Moose $16.99

Green t-shirt with shaded print of moose on front

Logo Wine Topper $7.99

Wine topper with McGuires logo

Wooden Cork screw $8.99

Wooden Cork screw

Orange Stripe Tank Top $19.99

Orange Stripe Mens Tank Top. This is our best selling design! It is available in long sleeve, short sleeve & now a tank top!

Key Chain Bottle Opener $6.99

This keychain has a shamrock at the top. It features McGuires Irish Pub on one side in green letters, and Pensacola and Destin, FL on the opposite side. Oh, and don't forget its a bottle opener too!

Sentinal Hoodie Youth $19.99

Mcguires Sea Glass $18.99

Sea Glass Shamrock

Script Bling with Shamrock Navy $21.99

Script Bling with Shamrock. Navy. Small-XL

McGuires Speeder Sweatpants Black $24.99

McGuires Speeder Sweatpants Black! 50/50 Cotton/Polyester

Jr Loose Shorts - Green $14.99

Jr Loose Shorts - Green

MCG Gryo Key Chain $5.99

Green Gryo Key Chain

Clover Key Chain $7.99

Clover Spinner Key Chain

A Meal Without Wine Coaster $3.99

A Meal Without Wine Coaster featuring Seagulls

Chillin Coaster $3.99

Chillin at McGuire's!

Cork Coaster $3.99

Cork Coaster with the McGuire's Irish Red Logo

Maple Moose $16.99

Maple moose plush

Wallet Pocket Tool $4.99

Wallet Pocket  Multi-Tool

Flashlight Pen $1.99

White pen with green accents and a flashlight tool

Fanny Pack $10.99

Green fanny pack with McGuire's logo

Dollar Bill Christmas Ornament $12.99

McGuires shamrock ornament with dollar bills

Tervis Tumbler McGuires Coffee Mug $15.99

Tervis Tumbler coffee mug.  Tervis is the number one brand of insulated tumblers.  It's perfect for hot or cold liquids! 

Mcguires Tye Dye $19.99

Kelly green McGuire's tye dye shirt

Redesigned Armguard $21.99

Armguard Burnout Women's T-Shirt

McGuires Ombre Rhinestone Ladies Fit $19.99

Ladies Fit

Left a Buck Coin Purse $4.99

A Neoprene Coin Purse, featuring a quote, heard from many customers - I Left a Buck at McGuires. You can save your money, or spend your money in style!

Directions Magnet $7.99

Directions for Pensacola, Destin, and Ireland Magnet

McGuires Shield Shamrock Long sleeve $27.99

Long Sleeve, Jade

Biker Skull long sleeve $21.99

Black biker skull design on long sleeve

2-D magnet $6.99

A McGuire's collage

McGuires Shield Shamrock Short Sleeve $16.99

Short Sleeve, Light Blue

Ladies Mcguires Hat $18.99

Pink ladies hat with McGuire's logo on front. This hat has a Velcro back!

MCG-Ombre-Rhinestone-Tank $17.99

Ladies Fit

McGuires Car Tag $12.99

Car tag featuring the leprechaun and logo

Mermaid Sail Boat $12.99

McGuires mermaid ornament

Beer Growler $10.99

Our Beer Growler is shipped empty and is 128 oz!

Pog Mo Thon Shot Glass $6.99

Pog Mo Thon Shot Glass. We have a matching magnent with the same "Pog Mo Thon" saying on it. Shot glass featured McGuires on the Reverse side. 

Irish Red Shot Glass $6.99

Shot glass displaying the Irish Red logo

Boobzie Shot Glass $9.99

Boobzie shot glass with McGuires logo

Prescription Shot Glass $5.99

"Take 1 shot and repeat until irrational behavior occurs"

Pensacola Shot Glass $4.99

Shot glass featuring our Pensacola location

Tall Irish Shooter $8.99

Porthole Shotglasses $8.99

Frosted shot glass with a porthole looking through to a tipsy leprechaun.

Pewter Emblem Shot Glass $9.99

Pewter Emblem Shot Glass

McG Party Popper Koozie with Bottle Opener $6.99

Moose koozie with bottle opener

Etched Stemless Wine Glass $8.99

Pro Corkscrew $16.99

3 in 1 Tumbler - Silver $24.99

Irish Wake Jar $2.99

McGuires Rubber Duck $5.99

Irish rubber ducky

McGuires Textured Polo $45.99

Textured Striped Polo - Black

McGuires Textured Polo $45.99

Lime Green

Youth McGuires Surf Shop $12.99

Baby Bib $13.99

With text -Bottle of the house white please

Leprechaun Beach - Pink $14.99

Pink McGuire's tee featuring saying, There are good ships and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea.  But the best ships are friendships and may they always be.

Flannel Boxers $18.99

Blackwatch Plaid Boxers

Marbled Socks $12.99

Cozy and warm, large shoe sizes only.

Irish Sewn Hat $14.99

Worn look, flex fit hat.

Golf Towels $16.99

Green golf towel with the McGuires logo

Irish Red Bottle Opener Magnet $5.99

This magnet has the McGuire's Irish Red label, while also having a nifty bottle opener on the end. The perfect practical item for any kitchen!

Gentleman on the Floor Bottle Koozie $6.99

This koozie features the famous "I'll Have What the Gentleman on the Floor is Having" Shoe cartoon.  It has a green zip-up bottle design.

Gentleman on the Floor Can Koozie $5.99

This can koozie features the famous "I'll Have What the Gentleman on the Floor is Having" Shoe cartoon.

Green Corkscrew $8.99

Green corkscrew with a McGuire's logo and a pull out foil cutter.

Gold Ice Wine Glass $12.99

Large wine glass with gold rimmed, sparkling lettering.

Gold Pint Glass $9.99

This pint glass features the McGuire's Irish Pub emblem in gold.

Green and White Pint Glass $8.99

Our standard pint glass displays the McGuire's logo on the front side and "Feasting, Imbibery, Debauchery" on the reverse side. The perfect gift for any pint glass collector!

Measurements Pint Glass $8.99

Front side has McGuire's Logo, Reverse Side has Measurements in Grams, Teaspoons, Cups, Millimeters, Tablespoons, & Ounces.

Green Bottom Shot Glass $6.99

This McGuire's Irish Pub shot glass has a unique green bottom.

Green Stem Wine Glass $12.99

The Green Stem Wine Glass is our newest wine glass we offer. It has "Feasting, Imbibery & Debauchery" on one side, and "Cead Mile Failte" on the other (which means 100,000 Welcomes).

Leather Label Hat $24.99

charcoal colored hat with leather McGuire's label on front

Trucker Hat $24.99

Stump Hat - Stone $14.99

Molly the Classics $8.99

Recorded Live at McGuire's Irish Pub, Pensacola, Florida..."Home of the Best true Irish entertainment south of Boston" 

1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

2. Unicorn Song

3. What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor

4. Hey, Wife (Seven Drunken Nights)

5. Molly Mallone

6. Rattin Bog

7. Charley on the MTA

8. In Heaven There Is No Beer

9. Tipperary

10. Southy

11. I Don't Want To Go Home

12. Finnegan's Wake

13. Black Velvet Band

14. Wild Rover

15. Danny Boy

Irish Wake CD $9.99

This is the newest CD to the McGuires collection. It was composed, arranged and produced by Rich McGuff and features; Rich McDuff, Molly McGuire, The McGuire's Irish Pipe Band and many many more. "Music for and about an Irish Wake that includes the solemn to the lighthearted and humorous tunes"

1. Irish Wake

2. Amazing Grace

3. Rosin the Beau

4. The Night Paddy Murphy Died

5. The Parting Glass

6. Fiddler's Green

7. Captain MacDuff's Farewell

8. Danny Boy

9. Flow Gently Sweet Afton

10. Isn't it Grand Boys

11. Finnegan's Wake

12. A Mother's Love's A Blessing

13. Flower's Of The Forest

14. The Last Rose of Summer

Drinking with Dog $19.99

Green tee with saying 'It's not drinking alone if your dog is with you'

Jumbo Monkey $29.99

Jumbo tie dye monkey plush

Orange Stripe Long Sleeve $25.99

McDouble Bib - Kelly Green $9.99


Mcguires Decal $4.99

McGuires decal

McGuires Cap $14.99

One Size, adjustable strap in back

McGuires Irish Pub Pipe Band $9.99

Enjoy the sounds of the McGuire's Irish Pub Pipe Band in the comfort of your own home!

1. Wearin' o' the Green

2. Scotland the Brave

3. Banks of Bar Harbor

4. Dixie's Land

5. Skye Boat Song

6. Danny Boy

7. Wild Colonial Boy

8. Amazing Grace

9. Moonshiner Getaway

10. Leaving of Liverpool

11. Wild Rover

12. The Wild Road to Gareloch

13. Irish Washerwoman

14. Going Home

15. Spancil Hill

16. Highland Cathedral

17. When Saints Go Marching In

18. Toora-Loora-Loora

McGuires Hat and Shirt COMBO $19.99

Shirt available in sizes Sm-XL and XXL (+2.00)

McGuires Shamrock Green $16.99

McGuires Inside Out Shot Glass $7.99

When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let's all get drunk and go to heaven!

McGuires Iconic 30oz Insulated Tumbler $32.99

This 30oz Tumbler is perfect! It fits in most cup holders, keeps your drink cold, and it doesn't sweat!

New McGuires Logo Metal Sign $14.99

Metal sign with McGuires logo

McGuires Varsity Shamrock $16.99

McGuires Striped Pajama Pants $28.99

Green Striped PJ Pants

Moose $14.99

McGuire's classic I Kissed the Moose Tee

Available in white only.

Shadow Flock $22.99

Super soft material with velvet lettering

Spit or Swallow $14.99

McGuires wine cellar tee

White only.

Easy Being Green Long Sleeve - Brick $23.99

brick colored long sleeve with its easy being green motto

Child Socks $5.99

McGuires ankle socks.  Childrens fit.

Flannel Pajamas - Blackwatch $24.99

Warm and comfortable  Drawstring waist.  Available in kelly green too

Flannel Pajamas - Kelly Green $24.99

Warm and comfortable  Drawstring waist.  Available in blackwatch too

Stump Hat - Navy $14.99

McGuires Logo Cap 

Available in Stone and Navy.

Old Favorite Visor $18.99

This Visor has Mesh sides and an adjustable back.

Golf Ball 3pk $12.99

This 3 pack of golf balls includes an orange ball, a green ball, and a golf ball that features a unique 100 dollar bill design.

Keep Calm SiliPint $13.99

Multi-colored silicone pint glass

McGuires Single Golf Balls $3.99

Guitar Bottle Opener Magnet $5.99

McGuires Irish Red Guitar magnet with a bottle opener.

Shamrock and Sun Ladies Raglan $24.99

An Iconic 3/4 Sleeve Ladies Raglan, Heather Gray, with Aegean Blue Sleeves!

Destin Shot Glass $4.99

Beer Mug Shot Glass $5.99

Two-Sided Magnet $4.99

Double-Sided Foil Magnet

Wine is Gods Coaster $3.99

Wine is God's proof he loves us!

If You Cant Be Coaster $3.99

If You Can't Be With the Wine you Love, Love the Wine you're With!

McGuires Wicked Foil Shamrock $20.99

Forest green t-shirt with cool art graphic of shamrock

Irish I Were Drunk Decal $2.99

A 3x3 decal perfect for Tumblers, Laptops, or anything else you want to add a little extra awesome to! Featuring a lovely drunk leprechaun with the phrase "Irish I were drunk" and Our signature logo!

Ladies 3-Quarters-Sleeve Shamrock Flag $29.99

 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Shamrock Flag

New Drunken Sailor Koozies $3.99

Available in light blue, navy blue, red, and green.

Hat and Shirt Combo - Light Blue and Green $21.99

Apparel set with McGuire's seafoam blue hat and mint green McG tee combo

Irish Red Mint Green $16.99

Mint green t-shirt with saying and graphic 'Two Reds are better than one!'

Kiss Me Im Irish Socks $12.99

Cute mismatched socks reading Kiss Me and Im Irish.  One size fits most.

Luckin Crazy SiliPint $13.99

Silicone Pint Glass

McGuires Bathroom Canvas Magnet $3.99

Featuring the McGuires ladies room and men's room signs

Kiss or Be Kissed Magnet $5.99

This rubbery magnet is colorful and cant be broken! It's also a perfect memory of kissing the moose while you were here!

Left A Buck Magnet $4.99

The I Left a Buck at McGuires magnet is a great souvenir item. It showcases the unique tradition of signing and hanging a dollar on the wall when a person visits the restaurant.

Twas a Woman Magnet $6.99

Twas a woman who drove me to drink and I've never had the chance to thank her. - McGuires Cousin Nathan

12oz Tervis Tumbler $12.99

McGuire's Tervis Tumbler. This 12 oz. tervis tumber is the smallest size we offer. Its perfect for your morning cup of coffee or a refreshing cold drink. The 24oz. lid will fit it as well. Tervis is well known for keeping your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold.

Flip Flop Ornament $11.99

This white flip flop ornament features the McGuires Irish Pub leprechaun logo and the phrase, Luck O the Irish be with You. It makes for a great Florida souvenir

Playing Cards $6.99

McGuires own original playing cards with various imagery pertaining to McGuires famed traditions.

Vintage Grey Juniors $16.99

Black Matte Clovers Shooter $7.99

McGuires logo and black clovers decorate this 2.5 oz shot glass

Collapsable Bottle Koozie $6.99

This koozie is bright green and decorated with shamrocks and the McGuires Feasting, Imbibery, and Debauchery leprechaun logo. It features a collapsible, zip-up design.

McGuires Black and White Flannel Pants $23.99

Black/White Flannel Pants

Collapsable Can Koozie $5.99

This koozie is bright green and decorated with shamrocks and the McGuires Feasting, Imbibery, and Debauchery leprechaun logo. It features a convenient collapsible design.

Duck Duck Moose Toddler $12.99

Available in Green

Unicorn Toddler $13.99

Athletic Tie Dye - Youth $14.99

Front design.

Hang Ten - Youth $15.99

blue youth tee

Athletic Tie Dye - Toddler $15.99

Colorful tie dye toddler tee

Bagpiper Toddler $15.99

Believe Unicorn Pink - Youth $15.99

pink-colored youth tee, also available in mint

Believe Unicorn Mint - Youth $15.99

mint-colored youth tee, also available in pink

McGuires Tie Dye Tank $19.99

Tie dye style

Circle Heart Tank $17.99

Vibrant Orange/Coral tank with circle heart design

Feeling Lucky Tank $16.99

Mint Ladies Tank

McDouble Bib - Pink $9.99


McGuires Driven Shamrock $13.99

Fluid Shark Youth $14.99

McGuires Spider Tie Dye $12.99

Kids Hoodie $29.99

Navy blue

Script Navy Womens T-Shirt $21.99

Script Navy Womens T-Shirt

Irish Wake Long Sleeve $19.99

forest green long sleeve with irish wake saying

Menance to Sobriety Long Sleeve $24.99

long sleeve with 'Menace to Sobriety' graphic

Circle Heart Long Sleeve $24.99

pink long sleeve with circle heart design

Unicorn Flopsie $14.99

Unicorn Flopsie

Dog Flopsie $15.99

Dog inside of purse.

Monkey Small $16.99

A small Pink/Orange monkey -- what a fantastic color! With a McGuire's Logoed Hoodie! They even have Velcro hands and feet!

McGuires Baseball $6.99

Baseball with the McGuires, Flounders, and Crabs Logos.

Sippy Cup $8.99

Features characters from the Unicorn song

Mints in a Tin $3.99

These delicious mints come in a Logo McGuires Tin.  They are pocket size so you can take them with you anywhere. They also come in handy after you have had a few of McGuires Irish Red Beer.

Pewter Keychain $7.99

Stained Glass Keychain $5.99

McGuire's Stained Glass Keychain- Very Durable

McGuires Keychain $6.99

Silver McG Keychain

When We Drink $16.99

When we drink we get drunk, when we get drunk we fall asleep, when we fall asleep we commit no sin, when we commit no sin we go to heaven, so lets all get drunk and go to heaven!!

Spangle Unicorn $15.99

Colorful unicorn on blue & lime tee

Root Beer Growler $9.99

Enjoy this awesome growler... it also makes a great souvenir to keep your change in!

Wisdom $16.99

Easy Being Green Tee - Brick $16.99

Available in Green and Brick!

Also in Long Sleeve!

Easy Being Green - Green $14.99

It's easy being green.  

Available in green and brick colors. 

McGuires Beer Label $16.99

Town Crier $18.99

Dark green shirt with large McGuire's design on back

Leprechaun Beach - Green $14.99

Hat and Shirt Combo - Blue and Green $21.99

Menace to Sobriety $16.99

Green t-shirt with motto 'Menace to Sobriety' on back

Gentlemen - Navy Blue $14.99

Featuring "I'll have what the Gentleman on the floor is having" motto. Also available in white!

Irish Moon $16.99

Available in black only.

Kiss or Be Kissed Green $16.99

'Kiss or Be Kissed'  A McGuire's tradition

Mount Top Motorcycle - Black $16.99

I Tapped That - Military Green $17.99

I Tapped That - Stone Blue $17.99

Evils Of Drinking - Forest Green $18.99

Detailed leprechaun 'evils of drinking' graphic t-shirt

Evils of Drinking - Maroon $18.99

Maroon colored t-shirt featuring detailed leprechaun

Evils of Drinking - Blue Dusk $18.99

Irish Red - White $16.99

White pocket t-shirt with Irish Red graphic on back

Drunken Sailor - Sea-foam $18.99

Blue t-shirt with anchor symbol on front and saying 'what do you do with a drunken sailor?'

Irish Wake- Irish Sleep $17.99

Beer is the reason $16.99

Multi Purpose Pocket Knife $9.99

You've got a big knife, you've got a small knife, scissors, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, corkscrew, Saw, and a nail file!! Add it to your keychain, your purse, or almost anywhere else!

Biker Skull Tank - Heather $19.99

Heather-colored tank top with Biker Skull design

Biker Skull Tank - Black $19.99

Black tank with McGuire's Biker Skull Design

Armed Forces $14.99

T-shirt design represents the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Great buy for anyone in the military.  Available in green only.

Incognito $17.99

Available in green only.

Motorcycle $14.99

Lean Green Irish Riding Machine t-shirt in black only.

77 Long Sleeve $18.99

Forest green long sleeve shirt with red number 77 on front

Circle Heart $17.99

Vibrant Orange/Coral.

Beer Bread $9.99

McGuires Beer Bread in a Bottle allows anyone to enjoy a taste of McGuires at home. Just mix one can of beer with our bread mix and bake it for a quick and easy way to have some delicious beer bread

Sea Salt and Pepper Grinder $5.99

McGuire's Sea Salt is the same sea salt that you find on the tables. Don't forget your pepper grinder too!  Salt and pepper sold separately.  

Mustard $6.99

Enjoy our McGuire's restaurant-style Yellow Mustard

Kelly Polo $25.99

Green only.

Irish Pirate $18.99

Black shirt with detailed graphic of McGuire's Irish pirate

Keep Calm $15.99

Shoe $16.99

blue t-shirt graphic with Ill have what the Gentleman on the Floor is Having done in a Shoe comic-style

Tic Tac Toe $5.99

Wooden Tic Tac Toe

Drunken Sailor - Sage $18.99

Sage colored t-shirt with anchor symbol and saying 'what do you do with a drunken sailor?'

77 Hoodie $27.99

This well constructed front design cotton hoodie has front hand pockets with a drawstring hood.  Available is green only

Flattop Hoodie $32.99

Baja Zip Hoodie Forest Green $40.99

Available in sizes S-XL ans XXL(+$2.00)! Color: Forest Green

Baja Zip Hoodie Black $40.99

Baja Zip Hoodie Black

Irish Logo Crew $19.99

Irish Logo Crew

Letterman Font Pullover Hoodie $49.99

Letterman Font Pullover Hoodie

Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt $21.99

MCG Embroidered Crew Sweatshirt! 50/50 Cotton and Polyester!

Half Zip Hoodie $46.99

College Hoodie $19.99

McGuire's College Raglan Hoodie

Puff Shamrock Ornament $12.99

McGuires Puff Shamrock Ornament is always a best selling ornament. Its simple and the white stands out great against your tree.

MCG Dual Flag Decal $3.99

This decal sports the Irish Tri-color, and The American Flag! Simple, and Classic! Get yours today!

Mini McGuires Stickers $4.99

Mini McGuires Stickers

Twas A Woman Decal $4.99

Twas a Woman

Irish Gulls Coaster $3.99

"May God take a liking to you.  But not too soon!"

24 Bottles Brewery Coaster $3.99

24 bottles in a case. 24 hours in a day.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Irish Gulls Pot Holder $9.99

May the Good Lord take a liking to you! (But not too soon!)

Beer Keychain $4.99

Beer keychain and bottle opener

Money Koozie $5.99

One Million and counting!

Thats Jim can koozie $5.99

Thats Jim comic koozie

Irish Wake Koozie $7.99

The green Irish Wake koozie is tailored to fit the mason jar that holds the famous McGuire's drink.

Wall Mount Bottle Opener $12.99

Insulated Wine Tumbler $21.99

Irish Red Bottle Opener Keychain $5.99

Lenticular 3D Magnet $4.99

Featuring the McGuires leprechaun, a shamrock, and an Irish wake

Euro Decal $2.99

Oval Euro Decal

McGuires Irish Red Decal $3.99


Mcguires logo Decal $4.99

Logo decal

Money Decal $4.99

Money Decal

No Worries Hoodie $35.99

New No Worries Ladies Hoodie

Gentleman - White $14.99

white t-shirt with graphic of Ill have what the Gentleman on the Floor is Having motto

Blue Angels $15.99

White colored McGuire's t-shirt featuring the Blue Angels

Moose Dip Dye Logo Long Sleeve $24.99

Green long sleeve with dip dye styled moose graphic

McGuires Puff Logo Long Sleeve - White $44.99

White long sleeve with marquee style McGuire's logo

$200 Gift Card $200.00

Give the gift your friends and family will thank you for!  Good at all McGuire's, Crabs & Flounders locations. * 

Available in the following values: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, & $200. Choose your Gift Card Value and enjoy!

*Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your gift cards in the mail.

Sightline $14.99

Super soft, front only design

Chihuaha in Purse $14.99

Plush Chihuahua in a purse of Pink, Blue, or Purple

Unicorn In Purse $14.99

Plush Unicorn in a purse of White, Blue, or Pink

McGuires Irish Kraken - Green $16.99

Cool neon green shirt with detailed 'release the kraken' graphic

McGuires Irish Kraken - Blue $16.99

Cool dusk blue shirt with detailed 'release the kraken' graphic

Mount Top Motorcycle - Military Green $16.99

Also available in black.

Ladies Runner Jacket $29.99

Ladies Running Jacket in Kiwi

Vintage Pub Tee $21.99

McGuire's Vintage Pub Tee - Green Wash

Cursive Hat $19.99

McGuire's Ladies Fit Cap - Pink

Stamp Hat $19.99

McGuire's Medium-Fit Stamp Hat - Blue

Irish Bow - Mint $16.99

Mint colored shirt with graphic of bow tie on back

Destin Ornament $9.99

Hand-painted ornament featuring the Destin location

McGuires Puff Logo Long Sleeve $44.99

Green long sleeve with marquee style McGuire's logo

77 $14.99

Front design.  Check out our long sleeved and sweatshirt collections for the same design.

McGuires Irish Pub Cook Book $24.99

One taste of these appetizers, entrees and desserts and there will be no doubt as to why McGuire's Irish Pub has earned the coveted Golden Spoon Award.  McGuire's has been designated as one of Florida's Top Restaurants.  McGuire's cook book is packed with hand selected recipes; some of which are on our menu today!  We are sure that you will enjoy the Foreword to the book, which was written by McGuire and Molly Martin and shares the history of the famous Pensacola pub as well as several pictures we are sure you will enjoy!

Longsleeve Winged Raglan $19.99

A lightweight Raglan Style Shirt. Currently Available in Grey with Mint Sleeves, and Text.

McGuires Biker Skull $19.99

McGuires Old Favorite Cap $18.99

This is our best selling hat!  Adjustable Fit.

Porthole Pint Glass $13.99

Frosted pint glass with a port hole looking through to a tipsy leprechaun.

Moose Plushies Assorted $10.99

Mcguires Irish Red Bottle Shot Glass $9.99

Irish Red bottle shot glass.

Boobsie Koozie $8.99

"Rub Me I'm Lucky" on the front, our McGuire's Logo on the back. Go ahead... give your cans a boob job!

Fish Shake $6.99

McGuire's Fish Shake Seasoning. Our secret recipe, developed in house by our Spice Master.  It's a great combination of Lemon and Herbs that goes great on fish or chicken.

Steak Shake $6.99

McGuire's Steak Shake Seasoning.  Our most popular seasoning has been in use in our kitchen for as long as we can remember, many of our entrees including our Angus Steak Burgers and USDA Prime Steaks are all seasoned with our Steak Shake.  Now you can have it in your kitchen too!

Blackening Seasoning $6.99

McGuire's own Blackening Seasoning, developed in house by our Spice Master.  The same seasoning we use on our blackened Angus Steak burgers and Fresh Gulf Seafood.

Steak Sauce $5.99

This delicious Steak Sauce is the same one you'll find on our tables.  Another McGuire's original created in our kitchen and now available to you. 

Bagpiper Onesie $14.99

Lucky Charm Infant $12.99

Our only Infant T-Shirt, Also available in a Onesie!

I Drink Me Milk - Infant $10.99

McGuires Irish Kraken Long Sleeve $19.99

Green long sleeve shirt with print of mythical kraken on front. 

Blessing Romper - Infant $14.99

The front reads Wee Irish Blessing and the back reads Irish Mist 

77 Shamrock Zip Hoodie $29.99

This well constructed front design cotton hoodie has front hand pockets with a drawstring hood.

Lucky Charm Romper $12.99

Irish green 

test $20.00